So Blonde on the Wii and DS

If you don’t already know, the Wii and DS versions of So Blonde are out today in the UK. If you haven’t already ordered your copy or haven’t thought about doing so, please consider it. Even those of you who already bought the PC version will find that this game offers a new experience that acts as the perfect companion piece to that.

Rules for Game Writing?

Graham Linehan (@Glinner on Twitter) tweeted a link to a wonderful article on the Guardian website: Ten Rules for Writing Fiction. It’s two pages are filled with lots of writers’ rules and tips and I’m sure it’s a good read for writers at all stages of their careers.

I started thinking about the possibility of coming up with my own set of rules specifically aimed at game writing and after thinking about it for a little time my initial thought was that it might not be possible to do this at all.