Broadband Back!

It feels like I’ve returned from a long trip where my chance to connect to the internet has been severely restricted. However, the phone line has been fixed and my broadband service has resumed so I can catch up on a few things. I’ve already posted updates to Mr. Smoozles and Octavius and a new Mitchell cartoon will be posted tomorrow, then hopefully the full schedule will resume as normal. … Continue readingBroadband Back!

Request for Mitchell guest cartoons

I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted for a while and I think I ought to take it a little easier for a week or two on the personal work. Mr. Smoozles will continue because Stefano has scripts for the next ten weeeks. Story to Nowhere will likely be on hiatus for a couple of weeks. Which leaves Mitchell.

I’d really like Mitchell to continue through this period so I’m offering the chance, for those who are interested, to do guest cartoons. … Continue readingRequest for Mitchell guest cartoons