Review – The Book of Stolen Dreams by David Farr

This is a superbly written book that I highly recommend for children who are not put off by a little darkness in the stories they read.

“Rachel and Robert live a grey, dreary life under the rule of cruel Charles Malstain. But when their librarian father enlists their help to steal a forbidden book, they are plunged into adventure. With their father captured, it is up to Rachel and Robert to uncover the secrets of the Book of Stolen Dreams and track down its mysteriously missing final page in order to save him.”

The two main characters, Rachel and Robert, each have important parts to play in the hunt for the secret of the book, but it is Rachel who really steals the show.  With a big heart and courage to match, she has a strong sense of justice and the importance to fight for what is right, even when the cost may seem to be too great to bear.

The adventure is well thought out, set within a dark and oppressive land ruled by a dark dictator who hates children.  There are parallels to be drawn with chapters in history as well as certain events in today’s world, painting a grim picture of life under highly restrictive rules and regulations.  With almost every kind of fun being outlawed and teaching undertaken under very tight guidelines, Rachel and Robert still manage to be a beacon of light and hope throughout.

The Book of Stolen Dreams is a powerful story that puts the heroes in danger almost constantly, yet still delivers a highly emotional and satisfying ending.

David Farr has written a great book and I look forward to the sequel when it is released.