About Steve Ince

Steve Ince is an award-nominated writer and game designer with many years of development experience behind him.  His skills also include art, illustration, and the writing of novels and screenplays. 

Starting out as an artist at Revolution Software, he moved over to production before settling into a writing and design role.  He has played an important part in the success of a number of critically acclaimed games, including Beneath a Steel Sky, Broken Sword and In Cold Blood.

Broken Sword – The Sleeping Dragon was a highlight of Steve’s time at Revolution.  The game was awarded Game of the Year by the UK national newspaper, The Independent, as well as receiving three BAFTA nominations, including Best Game Design.  The game also gave Steve a nomination for Excellence in Writing at the Game Developers Choice Awards 2004.

After 11 years with Revolution, Steve turned freelance in 2004 and has since worked with various developers and publishers in the US and across Europe, including Wizarbox, EA, CD Projekt Red and DTP on games ranging from The Witcher to Rhianna Ford to Alice in Wonderland.

In 2008 Steve received a second personal award nomination, this time from the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain in the category of Best Video Game Script for the game, So Blonde.

Recently, Steve has been developing ideas for a number of novels and has just released the first of these, an illustrated children’s novel called The Quinton Quads and the Mystery of Malprentice Manor.  He intends this to be the first in a series of books of the Quads’ adventures.

Steve is a full member of The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.


 Steve lives with his partner, June, in the quiet wilds of the East Yorkshire countryside.  They have a tabby cat, Merlin, and a number of fish in the garden pond.

He has three sons, Shaun, David and Jason, as well as five granddaughters, Caitlin, Leilani, Selene, Freya and Ariana and a grandson, Louie.

Steve enjoys many creative activities, including the writing and drawing of humorous comic strips