Handheld Gaming – the new portables

The gaming world’s head must be spinning with Nintendo and Sony both showing off new portable gaming platforms in recent weeks. While both are likely to be excellent devices in many ways, both strike me as a little backward in not taking up a better approach for software delivery, particularly in light of the fact that the DS was plagued with such piracy problems that it became a non-viable platform for many studios to develop for. … Continue readingHandheld Gaming – the new portables

Echo Bazaar – A View

I’m reluctant to call it a review because I don’t feel I’ve played the game enough to see everything, but I’ve played enough that I know I won’t be playing any more. After discussing the game last night with Richard Cobbett, I decided to write this blog post.

Echo Bazaar is a game from Fail Better Games, which is an ironic name for a company considering that the game has failed to keep me entertained enough to continue with it. … Continue readingEcho Bazaar – A View

Gameplay is King

I read this yesterday: Gameplay is King: Story is Distant Second. It’s an interesting read and one which I almost completely agree with. For games, gameplay is the most important aspect and should always be so. If it’s not then it likely stops being a game and becomes something else with gameplay elements. That isn’t to say those other things aren’t valid or equally enjoyable for what they are. … Continue readingGameplay is King

Adventure in a Different World

I was looking over the site, GamePeople, which seems to be a gaming site aimed at a slightly older audience who are not harcore gaming fanboys and also not the “typical” casual game player. In a sense, it caters to gamers who might not other wise be properly served by the bigger sites that seem to have almost created a strong polarisation with little overlap. The GamePeople audience seems to fit into another area of the Venn diagram. … Continue readingAdventure in a Different World