So Blonde on the Wii and DS

If you don’t already know, the Wii and DS versions of So Blonde are out today in the UK.  If you haven’t already ordered your copy or haven’t thought about doing so, please consider it.  Even those of you who already bought the PC version will find that this game offers a new experience that acts as the perfect companion piece to that.

When it was decided that a Wii/DS version should be made, it was felt that it shouldn’t just be a port of the PC version.  What we did was pose the question, “What if Sunny had landed at the dark side of the island and befriended the bad guys first?”  Taking this premise was a great opportunity – not only could I work up more details of the history of the island, I could explore the themes and character motivations from a different perspective.  Neither game requires the playing of the other, but playing them both will give you a much richer experience.

With a new story and new gameplay it’s certainly worth taking a moment to consider buying.