Agency representation

I now have an agent. It took a little while to finalise the contract details, but earlier today I signed the contract and am now represented by the SMART Talent agency.  From now on they will be negotiating my million dollar deals.  🙂  To contact them, please do so through the e-mail address, If …

A few thoughts on Avatar

I watched Avatar for the first time last night, on DVD. I didn’t want to see it in 3D because I tend to get bad headaches when I watch such films.

My first thought was that it was brilliant, but a qualified brilliant.

My Top Twenty Films

This post was actually going to be a list of my top ten films, but I got a bit carried away. And there are still tons of others that could have been included in this list. They possibly might have been if I’d done the list at another time. It’s a pretty mixed bag and there are probably a number of films that wouldn’t be in other people’s top twenty.