Agency representation

I now have an agent.

SMART Talent

It took a little while to finalise the contract details, but earlier today I signed the contract and am now represented by the SMART Talent agency.  From now on they will be negotiating my million dollar deals.  🙂  To contact them, please do so through the e-mail address,

If people ever ask me how I got an agent I’ll just have to tell them that I did it by checking my e-mails in the green room at a writing conference.  I’d been invited to be part of a game writing panel at the London Screenwriters’ Festival in November and bumped into the lovely Janice Day who suggested that she be my agent.  Even though I hadn’t been actively looking for an agent, I’d been thinking about it for some time and here was a good opportunity presenting itself.

Talking to Janice and attending the panel on which she spoke, it was clear that she had the right attitude and experience that appealed to me with abundant enthusiasm to match.

I have good feelings about this.  While I’ve established myself well in the field of game writing, this may well be a great opportunity to expand my writing into other fields.  Fingers crossed.