On Projects and Progress…

I’ve been so focussed on my various projects that I’ve been neglecting my blog somewhat, so this is an attempt to rectify that to a degree. It’s been just over a month since I announced Star Sweet and Honey Heart and considering the relatively short time-span it seems to be going well with awareness growing …

Competition Results

After a little delay caused by my broadband problems, I finally got around to drawing the winners this evening. Nearly everyone got all three questions right, but a couple got one of the questions wrong, so for completeness’ sake, here are the answers:

Broadband Back!

It feels like I’ve returned from a long trip where my chance to connect to the internet has been severely restricted. However, the phone line has been fixed and my broadband service has resumed so I can catch up on a few things. I’ve already posted updates to Mr. Smoozles and Octavius and a new Mitchell cartoon will be posted tomorrow, then hopefully the full schedule will resume as normal.

Competition reminder

If you’re still thinking of entering the competition, or have somehow missed it, this is a quick reminder that it closes next week so be sure to get your entries in before it does.