Press Release July 2012

Steve Ince Joins The Writers’ Guild

EAST YORKSHIRE, UK (July 26th, 2012):

Steve Ince, writer and game designer, is pleased to announce that he is now a member of The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.

Ince, who has nearly 20 years’ experience in game development, believes such a move is important, not only to enhance the growing maturity with which game writing is being approached, but also as a way of contributing to how such important organisations view game writing and game writers.  The Guild has been incredibly supportive of game writing in recent years, particularly with the inclusion of a specific game writing category in their annual awards.

Being a part of a wider development of game writing is important for all game writers and others should consider joining, too.


This year has also seen Ince gain representation from SMART Talent and is represented by Kelly Marshall.  Ince has found working with an experienced agent to be a refreshing development in his career.


For those wishing to use Ince’s writing services, discuss press matters or speaking engagements, he can be contacted via e-mail – – or through the SMART Talent agency on +44 (0)1843 844863.

Details of Ince’s experience and services can be found on his website:

Ince is also attending this year’s Gamescom event and is available for both press and business meetings.



About Steve Ince:

A Writer-Designer with 19 years of game development experience, Ince spent 11 years with Revolution Software then turned freelance in 2004.  He has since worked with various developers and publishers in the US and across Europe, including Wizarbox, EA, CDProjekt Red and Floodlight games.

Steve gained a nomination for Excellence in Writing at the Game Developers Choice Awards for Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon and received a second nomination from the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain for the game, So Blonde.

Steve has also written a book, Writing for Video Games, published by A&C Black.


About the Writers’ Guild:

The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain is the trade union representing writers in TV, radio, theatre, books, poetry, film, online and video games.

In TV, film, radio and theatre, the Guild is the recognised body for negotiating minimum terms and practice agreements for writers.

The Guild campaigns and lobbies on behalf of all writers.


About SMART Talent:

SMART Talent is a boutique independent agency, representing a select list of clients and emerging talent.  Not only does the agency offer representation, it also helps to develop writers (and their work) to be the best possible.

Kelly Marshall has a background in writing, teaching scriptwriting and script development.


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