This is the press release I’m sending out today:

Press Release


Star Sweet and Honey Heart


EAST YORKSHIRE, UK (August 8th, 2011):

Steve Ince takes great pleasure in announcing his new children’s IP, Star Sweet and Honey Heart, which stars two cute animal friends living in the beautiful town of Riverside.  The town is also home to numerous delightful characters who, along with Star and Honey, have all kinds of adventures, both big and small.

Naturally, there is a bright and colourful website for the IP:

And the very first video featuring Star and Honey has just been posted on YouTube:


The simple, yet beautiful, style is a natural fit for a wide range of exciting media and merchandising applications.  From casual to social to educational games, from TV shows to books, from toys to clothing, the sky is the limit for a range of projects to complement those currently being developed.


For those wishing to discuss business or licensing opportunities in connection with the new IP, Steve can be contacted through the following e-mail address:

Steve will also be attending Gamescom for those who’d like to take advantage of the event to arrange meetings.


About Steve Ince

Steve is an experienced writer and designer with a varied range of projects in his portfolio, from the classic Broken Sword series to the darkness of The Witcher to the light comedy of So Blonde, for which he received a nomination at the Writers Guild of Great Britain Awards 2008.

Steve has also created a number of other IP, including Mr. Smoozles, Rhianna Ford and Special Enquiry Detail, the last of which topped the top grossing apps chart in the UK for iPad and iPhone.

Further details on all aspects of Steve’s work and the services provided can be found on his website:


Star Sweet and Honey Heart is copyright © 2009-2011 Steve Ince.