Story to Nowhere – big update

I’ve been wondering about the future of Story to Nowhere, but rather than be hasty about it I decided to give it a bit of a re-vamp and see where that would take it.

For those interested in the latest episode, it can be found in its normal place.  But new readers may be interested in starting from the beginning.

What the eagle-eyed will notice is that all the backgrounds now have a consistency to them.  I’ve also made the story font the same throughout and chosen one that I hope is much clearer and friendlier to read.  I’ve left the episode artwork alone as to change that would be a major undertaking and I rather like the way it shifts and changes over time.

If you have any feedback on the changes, or on Story to Nowhere as a whole, please post a comment or drop me a line.  If you like it, please recommend it to your friends.


  1. I’m a fairly recent visitor to the site, but hadn’t come across the story before your blog post… I think you could gain more passing trade by having more prominent links to it.

    No complaints about the style, I’ve found the story quite interesting and engaging.

    One thing I found slightly daunting in starting from the beginning was not knowing how long the story was, and not having navigable chapters or anything. I think if you made the story’s parts navigable then people would soon get a feel for the size of the thing, and wouldn’t have to worry about finding their place in the future.

  2. Thanks, that’s a really useful comment.

    I still have some other plans in the works, but listing the chapters is a great idea.

    The story is ongoing and I have no idea how long it’s going to be, which is why it has the name it does.

  3. Finally caught up with Story To Nowhere and I’m really hooked.

    As I mentioned before, really like the art style (distinctive, different from Your other work). I’m glad You didn’t update the earlier episodes, but I’m not sure about adapting the current background to them. I enjoyed the way the whole thing evolved, and also some of the earlier artwork isn’t aligned perfectly with the text now. But I’m sure that’s just my pedantic side whining 😉

    As for the Story itself, would it be a stretch to say that (Car)Michael is at least partly based on yourself or your experiences? Not to take it too far of course with the Story being so dark, but the writing aspect, “bionic” knee (as a nod to June? hope everything is well btw.) and the obligatory cat 😛

    I’d also echo the comment about more prominent links, I use bookmarks myself but just really noticed there’s no link to it on the main page, under “Steve’s Links” (same with Octavius).

  4. Thanks for your comments, particularly where you said you were hooked.

    There are a lot of differences between me and Mike, but there are also a lot of similarities and parallels. This was done for a very specific reason, which I may explain one day.

    The cat is the closest thing to reality and each time I draw Titus he seems to get closer to being like Merlin. 🙂

    The bionic knee reference is a nod to June. Her first knee operation was far worse than this one (which is progressing well, thanks). As writers, all our experiences feed into our creative outpourings, some much more directly than others.

    Thanks for the push on the links, I’ve been meaning to add them to the blog for a while and finally did it.