Another excellent review of So Blonde

The website, Adventure Classic Gaming, has just published a new review of So Blonde, which gives it a score of four stars (out of five).

“Playing So Blonde brings back memories of why I love adventure games so much.”

“Steve Ince, the writer, has penned a great and humorous story for the game. “

Sometimes, working from home can be very hard. Contact with other people in the games industry tends to mostly be through e-mail or by phone and it’s easy to lose sight of why I’m bashing away at the keyboard every day. Then I read another wonderfully complimentary review and I’m reminded of why I enjoy writing and designing games.

2 thoughts on “Another excellent review of So Blonde

  1. Stefano says:


    After you told we you did receive this weeks strip, I’m posting here being the only place I can have a direct contact to you, since all my attempts to send the comic to you seems to have failed. I tested my mail box to see where’s the problem, but works fine.

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Stefano,

    How strange. I’m not having problems receiving e-mails from anyone else. I’ll send you another e-mail shortly with an alternative address.


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