Creativity in games 2

Either I’ve not been paying attention or there’s a lot more creativity coming out of the gaming woodwork at the moment than there ever has been. I just saw an article on Eurogamer about the forthcoming game, Love.

This looks like a truly creative and exciting project and something I find intriguing, particularly as, with a name like Love, I never would have expected it to contain combat. I also like the way that he’s specifically looking back to older games for the combat style. The first Quake game works much better for me than the recent ones which are becoming too realistic. But then, one of my all time favourite first person shooters was Heretic (the one that used the Doom engine). Blimey, I wonder if I still have a copy of that somewhere…

I also saw the trailer for Love, which looks fabulous. Certainly a game to keep a watch over.