Writing and Art Services

If you feel that Steve can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. steve@steve-ince.co.uk


General Writing

With an eye for detail, an ear for dialogue and a love of character, Steve can help when your script, novel or other writing project needs another point of view.

This may be in the form of general feedback, proofreading or substantial editing, all of which would be undertaken with you in control and under your guidance.


Game Writing

Services provided will vary depending on a project’s requirements.

Games are such a variable medium and the degree with which story, plot, characters, text and dialogue are incorporated is very specific to the narrative development of your distinct project. Therefore, tailoring services to your own particular needs is important to ensure the unique flavour of your vision.

From story development to plot structure to dialogue, from design documentation to script editing, the first task is to work with you to define your requirements then plan the best way to deliver what you need.

With a wealth of experience gained over many years of working with numerous talented individuals, Steve understands the importance of gameplay and narrative structure working together, how story and character should enhance the player experience and is a firm believer in remaining true to your gameplay vision.

Steve can build story and gameplay from original IP concept or simply polish existing dialogue.  He can become involved at any stage between those extremes as best fits your project.

While writers will always be most useful the earlier in the process they are brought in, Steve understands that the real-world practicalities of budgets and schedules don’t always provide opportunities for ideal situations.  A pragmatic approach to any work is always undertaken.

Steve can work in a range of styles and genres: Comedy, Children’s, Horror, Action, Adventure, Crime, Fantasy, Science Fiction and Cartoon.

He has worked on projects ranging from big budget PC and console titles to downloadable casual and mobile games, with his involvement lasting anywhere between a few days to six months of writing and design, depending on the project’s needs.


Art and Illustration

Samples of Steve’s art and illustration can be found here.

Steve can provide artwork in a variety of styles, all created digitally, to match the needs of your project.

From game location art to character designs and sketches to book illustrations to comics to portraiture, Steve is happy to discuss all your requirements in order to deliver exactly the kind of artwork you desire.