Rules for Game Writing?

Graham Linehan (@Glinner on Twitter) tweeted a link to a wonderful article on the Guardian website: Ten Rules for Writing Fiction. It’s two pages are filled with lots of writers’ rules and tips and I’m sure it’s a good read for writers at all stages of their careers.

I started thinking about the possibility of coming up with my own set of rules specifically aimed at game writing and after thinking about it for a little time my initial thought was that it might not be possible to do this at all.

Gameplay is King

I read this yesterday: Gameplay is King: Story is Distant Second. It’s an interesting read and one which I almost completely agree with. For games, gameplay is the most important aspect and should always be so. If it’s not then it likely stops being a game and becomes something else with gameplay elements. That isn’t to say those other things aren’t valid or equally enjoyable for what they are.

The Lost Game – edited scene

The previous post about this “lost game” with the scene between Emily and Crawford was lifted directly from the original scripts. Because the development was cut short, I never had the chance to do a final editing and polishing pass over the whole game. Here is the same scene given the editing treatment. It’s a lot tighter and makes use of the visuals much more.