I’m testing Zemanta

I just discovered Zemanta but not sure how it’s meant to be used.  The intention was to write more on this blog by looking for tools that help me do so.  Zemanta seemed interesting but it’s down to working out how to use it.  🙂

If anyone has any thoughts or tips I’d appreciate hearing from you.

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  1. Hey Steve!

    Our service recognises what you’re blogging about and will suggest you some relevant, quality content. You shall get recommendations about what you can add to your text (i.e. images, in-text links, related posts, tags) in order to increase the value of your post.

    With all these quality content you can slowly, but surely increase a base of readers that will come back to your blog looking for more recommendations. By sharing these recommended content you can enrich your posts, show some good directions to your readers where to find some more relevant articles that you are writing about as well (or even your older articles from your own blog). And vice-versa! By linking out you increase chances you’ll be linked to as well. It’s all about that unwritten bloggers code: sharing is caring!

    Here’s a brand new video we’ve made, which will tell you all about the Link Love I’ve been talking about: http://zem.si/QECmRu

    Also — have you heard about our related articles pool? Basically, if you’re blogging about some interesting stuff (which you do!) we can easily recommend you to our users who are also using Zemanta. This way you can spread your written word faster and broader. Here’s more info about what I’m talking about: http://zem.si/QpUzSp

    Let me know if you need any further assistance or if you encounter any problems along the way (hope not, though). Here’s my email address: silvo at zemanta dot com.

    Have a nice day!


  2. Thanks, Silvo. The Link Love video is really cool.