Hello from Paris

I’m in Paris doing some promotional work for So Blonde. The original intention was to combine this with a short holiday with June, but she had a fall before we came away and wasn’t up to the trip. So I find myself alone in my hotet room with some time to spare so I thought I would post another entry in the old blog.

I’m actually staying in a hotel called Le Chat Noir, which I booked online and thought was a cool sounding place and has connections to the Montmartre area of Paris. Only, when I got here I found that it was situated on the same street as all peep shows and other red-light district kind of places. Still, the hotel is pretty good and it’s not very far from Montmartre.

Last night I met up with Stefano Collavini, the artist who’s currently doing the art for the Mr. Smoozles comic strip. We spent the evening in a small cafe and had a great meal and lots of interesting conversation. Stefano wants to get into designing and developing his own games, so it’s probably only a matter of time before we start seeing something from him and his team.

Today’s interviews went very well and no one fell asleep through boredom. 🙂 One of the things I like most about doing interviews is the way that thinking up answers to the questions helps to crystalise my thoughts on game development. It’s kind of like the idea that there are times you can learn more from teaching others than you can from being taught.

Which reminds me that I was again asked by a university in the Netherlands if I would join their teaching staff. I remember that last time I was asked I very nearly considered doing so but now I’m doing so many different things that I couldn’t possibly take on a teaching post without all of that exciting stuff being left behind. I’d like to teach in some small way, but taking up a post at a university is not the way to gor me right now.

Now I need to go and find something to eat. I’m suddenly surprisingly hungry…


  1. I gave up teaching to become a professional writer – a TV writer that is for me, although would love to write for computer games. Have never looked back. Don’t mind the idea of teaching writing in the future sometime, but like you, have far too many exciting writing things to do out there yet.

  2. Hi Edwin,

    Thanks for posting a comment. I’d love to write for TV or film as well games, but again it’s finding the time to do so. I also have a novel in progress, but the progress seems to be very slow at the moment.

  3. I am satisfied that you were able to meet Stefano ! I work with him for some years now, and often spoke to us about your works by setting as reference ” broken sword “. So we hope, and work hard, to reach our objectives. By hoping to meet you. Damien

  4. Hi Damien,
    It pleases me enormously that you use Broken Sword as a yardstick. Good luck with all your ambitions and plans.