Steve Ince




Gamewriter Bites!




Steve is a writer and designer with 22
years of game development knowledge

"I craft stories, write and refine dialogue and develop interactive narrative that add value and player connectivity to character-driven games."

In all branches of interactive media, the growing significance of
story and character means that finding an experienced writer with a proven track record can be vital to the success of your project.

The role of the writer is so much more than creating dialogue or putting text on screen

From the development of new IP to the fleshing out of existing ideas to the creation of rich characters and believable dialogue, Steve will enrich your game by ensuring that the story he helps you tell matches your unique vision.



Steve is represented by the SMART Talent agency.


Steve is a full member of
The Writers' Guild of Great Britain.

Steve is also the Guild's
current Videogames Chair.

"It was fantastic for me to
work with such an experienced
writer who both writes well

knows what they want."
- Delyth Thomas,
TV and film director


7 Sept - Book Offer
Steve's book, Writing for Video Games is 30% off when ordered from the publisher.


30 June - New Article
Steve has an article on Gamasutra - Her Story is not Your Story.


7-8July - Imaging the Future
Steve is taking part in the ITF Symposium in Switzerland.


23-25April - Reboot Develop
Steve is giving a talk at the Reboot Develop conference in Dubrovnik.


10 April - DHIS Conference
Steve is giving a keynote speech at the DHIS conference in York.


14 Feb - Film Trailer
A trailer has been released for the short film Steve wrote, Payment.


27 Feb 2015 - Rio Content Market
Steve is giving a keynote speech at the Rio Content Market conference.


18 Nov - Game Writing event
Steve is helping organise a game writing event in Leeds at which he'll also be speaking.


24th - 26th October
Steve is speaking on a game writing panel at the London Screenwriters' Festival.


6-7 Sept - WGK conference
Steve will be giving a talk at the WGK Conference in Gdansk.




"you ain't no fumble thumbs"
- Laura MacDonald, 2013



"It's always a great pleasure working with Steve and his scripts.
Steve is a true craftsman and master of story and character.  His dialogue writing is world-class and a delight to cast and record.
He deserves every plaudit.  He is a consummate professional
and I recommend him most highly."

- Mark Estdale, Outsource Media


Steve was nominated in the Best Videogame Script
category at the Writers' Guild of Great Britain Awards 2008
for his work on So Blonde

Steve's work also earned him a nomination in the Game Developers Choice Awards for the game, Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon.

He contributed to the same game being nominated for three BAFTAs. 


The Sleeping Dragon was also awarded Game of the Year by the
UK national newspaper, The Independent.


Writing for Video Games, the book by Steve, is available to buy.
For further information, please visit the book's own page, here.




"our heartfelt thanks for a job well done and for unprecedented commitment to a project we hold dear"
(The Witcher 2)

- CD Projekt RED & The Locoteam