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 Writing for Video Games


With video game storylines, characters and narrative becoming more and more sophisticated, games writers need the skills of the most talented novel writers, as well as a knowledge of the industry.

Writing for Video Games by Steve Ince gives a realistic picture of how games companies work, and advises the best techniques to adapt your skills.

“It's a substantial, informative, entertaining, and, in many ways, enlightening read. I'm particularly impressed by how you manage to cover all aspects of game production - and the writer's role in the process - in great depth and with great insight, but without losing yourself (and the readers) in microscopic detail.”
        - Martin Ganteföhr, Game Designer and Writer

        Topics include:
        • characters
        • point of view
        • storytelling
        • interactive narrative
        • licences
        • localisation
        • technical writing
        • marketing yourself

Appendices include a sample script and recommended websites, games and books.

The foreword to the book is by Tony Warriner,
co-founder of Revolution Software.

Writing for Video Games is published by A&C Black, the publishers of the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook

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The Kindle version of the book is now available!



On the book, Writing for Video Games:
"it is invaluable for people in the business or who plan entering it
- Joao Miguel Oliveira, Reviewer

it was your book, 'Writing for Video Games', that finally pushed me to jump ship from TV to Video Games.  Not a leap that I regret in the slightest.”
- Edwin McRae, Scriptwriter and Narrative Designer

“a highly readable volume that covers a wide range of topics including interactivity, game design, character and point of view, dialogue and logic, and audience
- Gordon Aplin,

" 'WritingFor Video Games’ is undoubtedly a must-read for people working in, or hoping to work in, the video games industry regardless of their role.
- Owain Paciuszko, WhatCulture!

"Steve is one of really very few people working in the game industry who not only understands the black-art of writing for games, but can set it out in such a way that you can learn it, too."
- Tony Warriner, co-founder, Revolution Software

Writing for Video Games is currently being used as one of the textbooks on the Creative Narratology course at Staffordshire University.