Game Writing Talk

Next week – Friday 25th Jan – I’ve giving a talk on game writing at Hull University. Apparently, it’s now fully booked. While this is a good thing from my point of view, those of you who might have wanted to attend won’t be able to do so. I’m always happy to give talks – to schools and upward –…

My Talk at LAUNCH Conference

The talks from the LAUNCH Conference a few weeks ago have been posted.  My talk starts at about 5:14:00 but there’s a little problem with the sound in places.  I hope it doesn’t stop people understanding what I’m saying.

Keynote Speech

I’ve been invited to give a keynote speech at this year’s International Conference on Entertainment Computing.  Although I’ve known for a little while, I was waiting for the official announcement on their website before posting anything.  If any of you are attending I look forward to meeting up with you and having a chat.

My Platform 2011 talk

Yesterday I gave a talk at the Platform 2011 event in Hull, which went down very well to a full room of people.  My talk was about Ideas, Story and Writing for Games, which was a broad topic for a talk lasting just 20 minutes.  I originally wrote it to last 25 and only last week discovered that the talks…