An interview with me on The Retro Hour

The interview starts about 20 minutes or so in. Beneath a Steel Sky & Broken Sword with Steve Ince – The Retro Hour EP35

20 Things I Learned…

…from 20 years in the games industry.   February 1st 2013 marks 20 years in the games industry for me.  I joined Revolution Software in 1993 and it’s been a fantastic career so far, thanks initially to everyone at Revolution and, now I’m freelance, to all those clients who have taken on my services. Inspired by a suggestion from Maria…

Press Release July 2012

Steve Ince Joins The Writers’ Guild EAST YORKSHIRE, UK (July 26th, 2012): Steve Ince, writer and game designer, is pleased to announce that he is now a member of The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain. Ince, who has nearly 20 years’ experience in game development, believes such a move is important, not only to enhance the growing maturity with which…

A new biography

Willem van der Velden created an online biography of me and my career. What a nice thing to do. It’s also quite useful to have an online reference like this.  🙂

A new interview

A new interview with me has just been posted on Gnomes Lair. I hope you enjoy reading it.