Game writing hangout

This Thursday, 15th Nov, I’m taking part in a Google+ Hangout in which I’ll be talking about writing for games.  The Hangout is organised by Heather Taylor of Red on Black Productions and you can hook up in a number of ways. Google+ event page. Facebook page Youtube page If you miss the live event, you can always catch up…

New Interview at The Literary Project

Gemma Noon, who seems to be out for some kind of interviewing record with the number of people she’s interviewing, asked me to be one of her interviewees a few weeks ago.  The result has just been posted on Gemma’s blog, The Literary Project.  Thanks for making sense of my ramblings, Gemma.

See me on Adventure-Treff

The guys at Adventure-Treff posted a compilation video message for the festive season and I contributed to it with a few words. You can view the video here. Much of the compilation I didn’t understand because those parts were in German, but mine and a couple of other parts are in English. I laughed most when I saw the list…

Interview on a Spanish site

I did an interview with the Spanish adventure site Aventura y CIA back in 2007 and they’ve been holding back on it until the game’s release over there. We recently revisited the interview, tidied up a few things and added more detail. It’s ended up being quite lengthy, particularly as I like to ramble at times. I hope you enjoy…

Blimey, Another Interview

Those awfully nice people over at Adventure Gamers have been kind enough to publish another interview with me on the subject of the game, So Blonde. This time they also took the opportunity to include Jerome Britneff-Bondy from the fabulous Wizarbox team and the resultant piece feels quite substantial. Do be a good sport and check it out, will you?

New Interview, New Site Design

I’ve just done a new interview with the GameBoomers site, which has just been posted. Also, I’ve been re-designing the Juniper Games website and have posted up the new pages this afternoon. I felt that the previous design was a little too busy and wanted something that was simpler but that still had a colourful feel.

An Interview on Adventure Corner

It feels like the season of interviews again. 🙂 Adventure Corner have published an interview that I did for them a few weeks ago. You can also read a version that’s been translated into German if you so wish.

Interview at Adventure Classic Gaming

The good people over at Adventure Classic Gaming have just posted an interview they conducted with me. One thing I like about doing interviews is the way they make me think about the things I’m doing and my approach to game writing and design. All creative people should regularly question and confront their work – it’s the only way to…

So Blonde Interview

Here is a link to one of the interviews I did while I was in Paris.

Audio Interview

I recently recorded an audio interview for DTP about the So Blonde game. They placed a video “background” behind it and have released. You can download it from Gamershell, here, should you wish to do so.

New Interview

The site, Gry 02, has published a new interview they did with me about the game So Blonde. It’s in both Polish and English on the same page.

Hear My Dulcet Tones…

Well, listen to my weird voice, anyway. 🙂 Although GC in Leipzig was two months ago, the guys over at Adventure-Treff have finally posted a video interview that they conducted with me. I’ve done a lot of e-mail and MSN messenger interviews and with that format I always have a chance to think about my answers, so I’m pretty pleased…