Developing Thoughts Updated – Part 1

Oh Lucky Man… Still It’s been twelve years since I wrote the first of the original Developing Thoughts pieces, shortly after I turned freelance following eleven years with Revolution Software.  The time feels right to revisit the pieces I wrote at the time and either bring them up to date or reflect on how things have moved on in the…

Two new flyers

I’ve created two new flyers to advertise two different aspects of the things I’m currently doing.  So if you know of any developers looking for a writer or any schools/teachers who might like me to give a talk, please pass on the relevant flyer if you will. Many thanks.

20 Things I Learned…

…from 20 years in the games industry.   February 1st 2013 marks 20 years in the games industry for me.  I joined Revolution Software in 1993 and it’s been a fantastic career so far, thanks initially to everyone at Revolution and, now I’m freelance, to all those clients who have taken on my services. Inspired by a suggestion from Maria…

We Don’t Need No Game Writers

Game writers have been harbouring a secret for years and it’s time to come clean – it’s not important for any game to use an experienced writer, even for a story based game. Now this may seem controversial but it needs to be said.  After all, anyone can write, can’t they?  Everyone watches films and TV and most people have…

First Unity test

Here is my first attempt at putting a 2D sprite onto a 2D background using Unity.  While I’m pleased that I was able to do this relatively easily, I’m not entirely happy with the result because there is a slight blurring of the background which is taking something away from the quality I’m looking for.  I need to experiment some…

Portrait update

I just updated the portrait of Caroline for Caroline’s Secret.

The blog is back

If any of you tried to come here over the last couple of weeks you’ll have noticed the blog was down.  This was due to a problem with the database which even changing server didn’t fix.  The tech guys at my hosting provider eventually tracked it down to some weirdness with the username. So, it’s back and a couple of things have…

Story to Nowhere – an updated image

In order for the new Story to Nowhere project to work I’m going to be updating some of the images used in the original.  Here’s an example of how I’m re-working the images.

Story to Nowhere – a test screenshot

I’ve been playing around with ideas for continuing Story to Nowhere as a game (maybe even a series of them) and this test screenshot shows the way I’m thinking about the art direction.

A new biography

Willem van der Velden created an online biography of me and my career. What a nice thing to do. It’s also quite useful to have an online reference like this.  🙂

A new interview

A new interview with me has just been posted on Gnomes Lair. I hope you enjoy reading it.

A Game Dialogue Wish List

After chatting on Twitter with the wonderful Amelia Tyler about dialogue and recording, I felt inspired to write a post.  There’s a lot that needs to happen in order for great dialogue to appear in a game.  Not all of it is down to the writer, of course, so here’s a list of things writers and other development people might…