Crow-Girl – Change part 8

An explosive update this time.

Crow-Girl – Change part 7

New emblem, new update.

Crow-Girl – Change part 6

A colourful page, this one.

Green Arrow and Batman

Inking practice based on pencils by Freddie Williams.

Crow-Girl – Change part 3

A new update here.

Crow-Girl – Change part 1

A new story has just begun.

Some Crow-Girl digital inks

Crow-Girl – Tears on a Roof

Crow-Girl – the first four pages of Tears on a Roof. You can read the rest here.

Crow-Girl – Study part 15

New page is up.

Justice League inking – over pencils by Joe Madureira.

Crow-Girl – Study part 14

Part 14 has just gone live.

Crow-Girl part 13

Page 13 has just been posted.