My assistant takes the big chair.

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Merlin on my desk

“Don’t even think about touching the keyboard.” Writers’ block takes on many forms…

Mr. Smoozles, the 400th strip!

I posted the 400th Mr. Smoozles comic strip over at the website.  I’m pleased to have reached this milestone and look forward to the next 100 strips.  I hope you enjoy reading them.  🙂

Mitchell reaches 200

I’ve just posted the 200th Mitchell cartoon over at his main page.  The posting schedule has been a little hit and miss lately, but it still feels like quite an achievement to reach this milestone.  Plenty more still to come and I hope you continue to enjoy the cartoons. Don’t forget, you can also follow him on Twitter: @Mitchell_cat

New video – A Star Performance

I’ve just posted the second Star Sweet and Honey Heart video to YouTube called A Star Performance. It’s a short video in which Honey steps on stage at the Ophelia Theatre to introduce her best friend, Star, who performs her new dance.  Show it to your kids, grandkids, younger siblings or nephews and nieces as I’m sure they’ll love it….

SSHH Press Release

This is the press release I’m sending out today: Press Release   Star Sweet and Honey Heart   EAST YORKSHIRE, UK (August 8th, 2011): Steve Ince takes great pleasure in announcing his new children’s IP, Star Sweet and Honey Heart, which stars two cute animal friends living in the beautiful town of Riverside.  The town is also home to numerous…

Star Sweet and Honey Heart

I’ve been working on a new IP for ages and am finally in a position to show the world.  It’s aimed at kids and is called Star Sweet and Honey Heart, who are two best friends living in the beautiful town of Riverside. I’ve already created a website and their first video has been uploaded to YouTube. My lovely partner,…