Charlie the Intelligent Custard

I’ve just posted another in the series, The Life and Times of Charlie the Intelligent Custard. I’m not sure it’s quite working as well as it could do, so I want everyone to help. If you have a great idea for something Charlie could be thinking (keep it short and pithy) then drop me a line and I’ll put it…

New Mitchell cartoon

This morning I posted the fourth of my new Mitchell cartoons. I’m currently updating on Mondays and Fridays but may increase this in the new year to three times a week. I currently have ideas written down for about 40 cartoons, which will keep me going for a little while. I’ve also been updating Story to Nowhere regularly and the…

Story to Nowhere reaches 50!

I’ve just posted the latest Story to Nowhere episode. This is the 50th episode and it seems that I’ve reached this minor milestone very quickly. Although the 50th episode coincides with a very powerful moment, I didn’t design it this way as I’m not thinking ahead as I create it, taking each one as it comes. This has thrown up…

Story to Nowhere updates

I’ve been updating the Story to Nowhere pages on a daily basis so far. How long I can keep this up I don’t know, but I’ll continue with this schedule while I’m able. The first strip can be found here and the latest one here.

Story to Nowhere strip 3

A further update on Story to Nowhere. I also updated Mr. Smoozles yesterday.

Story to Nowhere strip 2

I thought I’d follow on quickly with the second strip to get a little momentum going.

Story to Nowhere

Story to Nowhere is something new. I wanted to create something that was quick to update, in terms of the art and writing and something that I wouldn’t write in advance. For each “episode” I will create the art and then write the words to fit. It will grow more organically than my previous “strips” and has a more serious…

Brutal Legend sculpture

Just found this photo of a sculpture of Eddie Riggs. What a great sculptor this guy is!

Something new…

… at least, something not connected to So Blonde. 🙂 I’ve been experimenting a little with a new style. Not fully sure, yet, how it will actually work in game and which game I’m going to use it on, but I think it would be fun to do.

Creativity in games 2

Either I’ve not been paying attention or there’s a lot more creativity coming out of the gaming woodwork at the moment than there ever has been. I just saw an article on Eurogamer about the forthcoming game, Love. This looks like a truly creative and exciting project and something I find intriguing, particularly as, with a name like Love, I…

Steve Purcell – Pirate Artwork

Arrr…! Shiver me timbers, you landlubbers. Check out these fine specimens o’ pirate treasure – artwork created by none other than Cap’n Steve Purcell.

Comic Strips – Looking for Artists

I find that I’m at a strange place with my comic strips. I’m really struggling to make the time to create them, yet I’m enjoying writing them. The answer, then, seems to be to find artists who I can work with and who will maintain the vision. While I appreciate that an artist will want to bring something of themselves…