Crow-Girl – Study part 10

New page is up.

Self Portrait With Crow

Today’s Sky


Swamp Thing

Based on pencils by David Finch

My Art Samples

I have created a gallery that features a lot of my art, which you can find here.

Denzo Steel

I am writing a new story called Denzo Steel and will be presenting it in comic strip format with episodes every week (all being well).  The style is darker and more serious than my normal comic strip work so I hope that people will enjoy it as much, if not more.  As ever, feedback will be greatly appreciated.  

Portrait of Caroline

The last couple of days I’ve been working on a number of things connected with Caroline’s Secret, my personal project.  One of these was the story, which has been troubling me for a little while and now I’m much happier with.  The other is the portrait of Caroline, above.  This is an early version and it may change yet, but…

Story to Nowhere – an updated image

In order for the new Story to Nowhere project to work I’m going to be updating some of the images used in the original.  Here’s an example of how I’m re-working the images.

Alan Bennett on Art

Yesterday evening I visited Leeds where I attended an evening with Alan Bennett, an event for Script Yorkshire members. It was an incredibly enjoyable evening as you’d expect from such a man. Hi book, A Life Like Other People’s, is among my favourites.

Story to Nowhere – big update

I’ve been wondering about the future of Story to Nowhere, but rather than be hasty about it I decided to give it a bit of a re-vamp and see where that would take it.

Story to Nowhere – lack of interest?

I was looking at my site log for yesterday and saw that there was hardly anyone visiting the Story to Nowhere pages.  My impression is that it’s been like this for a little while – perhaps the initial impetus was lost when I put the strip on a short hiatus a while back. Perhaps it’s just that people don’t enjoy…

Mitchell update

I’ve just posted a new Mitchell cartoon. I’d previously been posting twice a week on Mondays and Fridays, but I’ve decided to increase this to three times a week and will be possting on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays. The natural thing might bave been to post on Mon-Wed-Fri, but this would have clashed with Mr. Smoozles on Wednesdays. I’ve also…