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Story to Nowhere

An Introduction to Game Writing: A Workbook for Interactive Stories

Learning anything new can be a daunting task, particularly a skill like game writing.  Without the right approach, many of those who’d love to learn this thrilling way of telling stories can be put off before they begin.

This book takes away that daunting aspect by introducing the reader to the exciting nature of game writing in a step by step process that any person can pick up quickly. 

Requiring no previous knowledge or outstanding English skills, the eager novice will learn to create interactive stories in next to no time.

Building on three decades of experience in the games industry and having run workshops for learners of all ages, the author will take you on a journey that may kick-start a lifelong passion for writing and telling stories in a new, stimulating and interactive way.

The first steps of any journey are always the hardest, but this book will help smooth the path.

An Introduction to Game Writing can be bought on Amazon UK here and Amazon US here. (Or search your local version of Amazon.)

This book will help a lot of people who are trying to make sensible content from the ideas in their head.”
– Laura Macdonald, Game Writer

“I wish someone had handed me this book a long time ago.”
– Stephen E. Dinehart IV

Blood and Earth

Set in the historic city of York, Blood and Earth is the first book in the Bishop & Pope series, in which the two magicians find themselves in an unbreakable trap and haunted by the past.

Plagued by a dark wizard whose habit of rising from the dead now endangers everything they know and love, they must discover his plans before he locates the device that will make him invincible.

The book can be bought on Amazon UK here and Amazon US here. (Or search your local version of Amazon.)

Exiled to Earth for his principles and trapped within the mediaeval walls of York, blood mage Joshua Pope has struggled with evil for over two thousand years, a fight he’s shared for the last four centuries with his friend and earth witch, Faye Bishop. 

The two are ancient souls in a modern world and, in order to protect an oblivious population, they battle supernatural creatures, vengeful spirits and practitioners of dark magic. 

This unlikely alliance of blood and earth is a formidable bond built on their 400 year friendship and with the help of valued and often magical friends, Bishop & Pope safeguard the unknowing as they strive for justice against malevolent powers.

The Quinton Quads and the Mystery of Malprentice Manor

When the four Quinton girls discover strange events taking place in Malprentice Manor, they immediately link it to recent
disappearances and become determined to solve the puzzle.
But to do so they must risk angering their mother, take desperate chances and avoid both Grisly Gus and Evil Edith.
What they discover leads the quads into great danger so they gather all their nerve and wits and hope they can unravel the centuries old mystery at the heart of the Manor.

An illustrated novel aimed at (roughly) 8 -12 year olds, the Quinton Quads first adventure is an exciting mystery that will keep the reader turning the pages to keep up with everything that befalls our heroes at every twist and turn.

The book can be bought on Amazon UK here and Amazon US here. (Or search your local version of Amazon.)

The Quinton Quads are four sisters – Sally, Caz, Poppy and Em – whose imagination and enthusiasm often gets the better of them and has been known to land them in trouble.

“The illustrations and writing are spot on. Your kids will love it!” – Elliott Hedman, 5-stars

“This is exactly the kind of story I couldn’t get enough of as a kid. Even reading as an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The well written adventure careened from one dangerous dilemma to the next, with each solved by one of the quads’ individual talents, or by teamwork. Definitely a must read for anyone who would like a nail biting adventure filled with mystery, bad guys, traps, treasure, and four clever heroines.” – Kaillayna, 5-stars

“From the opening chapter, the four Quads are given their own distinct personalities, with the same being true of the other characters introduced throughout the book. Whilst the initial introductions put broad brush strokes on the characterisations, additional details appear naturally in the narrative, giving the characters real depth. Even the villains are not painted as simply bad for the sake of it, proving to be well-rounded individuals by the end.” – Stephen Brown, 5-stars

If you would like a taster of the Quinton Quads, you can download a free short story, International Centipede Day.

Amanda Alexander and the Very Friendly Panda

A Warm Tale Told in Verse

When Mr Panda asks Amanda to tea, it’s an invitation she cannot refuse.  Not only is he very friendly, he has a marvellous reputation for being a fine baker of delicious scones.

“What a lovely story! I can imagine teachers sitting there reading it to kids, asking them what they questions about their favourite scones, suitable gifts to take people , and how to treat others. It reminds me of Edward Lear or Spike Milligan.” – Mandi Allen

“Great illustrations coupled with a great story. It’s also a good language-learning resource for kids, who are learning English and want something much better than just a textbook.” – Jan Kavan

“Amanda Alexander takes you on an amazing adventure with the most beautiful illustrations.” – Ms de J, 5 stars

The book can be bought on Amazon UK here and Amazon US here. (Or search your local version of Amazon.)

Writing for Video Games

With video game storylines, characters and narrative becoming more and more sophisticated, games writers need the skills of the most talented novel writers, as well as a knowledge of the industry.

Writing for Video Games by Steve Ince gives a realistic picture of how games companies work, and advises the best techniques to adapt your skills.

“It’s a substantial, informative, entertaining, and, in many ways, enlightening read. I’m particularly impressed by how you manage to cover all aspects of game production – and the writer’s role in the process – in great depth and with great insight, but without losing yourself (and the readers) in microscopic detail.” – Martin Ganteföhr, Game Designer and Writer

Topics include:
• characters
• point of view
• storytelling
• interactive narrative
• licences
• localisation
• technical writing
• marketing yourself

Appendices include a sample script and recommended websites, games and books.

The foreword to the book is by Tony Warriner, co-founder of Revolution Software.

Writing for Video Games is published by A&C Black, the publishers of the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook. To purchase Writing for Video Games, please visit your regional Amazon site, order it from your local book store or visit the publisher’s site to order it directly.

The Kindle version of the book is now available!

The book has recently been given a new cover (below, right).

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