Second Unity test

After some very useful advice on Twitter I managed to get the 2D look I want in Unity.  Extra cool.  

Portrait update

I just updated the portrait of Caroline for Caroline’s Secret.

Portrait of Caroline

The last couple of days I’ve been working on a number of things connected with Caroline’s Secret, my personal project.  One of these was the story, which has been troubling me for a little while and now I’m much happier with.  The other is the portrait of Caroline, above.  This is an early version and it may change yet, but…

The blog is back

If any of you tried to come here over the last couple of weeks you’ll have noticed the blog was down.  This was due to a problem with the database which even changing server didn’t fix.  The tech guys at my hosting provider eventually tracked it down to some weirdness with the username. So, it’s back and a couple of things have…

Story to Nowhere – an updated image

In order for the new Story to Nowhere project to work I’m going to be updating some of the images used in the original.  Here’s an example of how I’m re-working the images.

Story to Nowhere – a test screenshot

I’ve been playing around with ideas for continuing Story to Nowhere as a game (maybe even a series of them) and this test screenshot shows the way I’m thinking about the art direction.

Story to Nowhere – a quick return

It didn’t take me long to realise that I couldn’t stay away from Mike and his life.  However, I’ve changed the format and am now doing it as a series of journal entries on a blog: Story to Nowhere – Mike’s Journal.  There will be no art in this current section of the project but there will be a little…

Story to Nowhere – a final episode

In spite of the title, Story to Nowhere has arrived at a place where I feel it’s best to stop. For those of you who have been following the story you may well appreciate why.

Story to Nowhere – 100 episodes!

Today I posted the 100th episode of Story to Nowhere! It’s certainly been an interesting journey so far, trying not to think too far ahead, discovering the characters and what happens to them as I go along, not knowing if it will work.  I still don’t know if it will work, but I’m finding it an interesting approach to character….

Story to Nowhere – big update

I’ve been wondering about the future of Story to Nowhere, but rather than be hasty about it I decided to give it a bit of a re-vamp and see where that would take it.

Story to Nowhere – lack of interest?

I was looking at my site log for yesterday and saw that there was hardly anyone visiting the Story to Nowhere pages.  My impression is that it’s been like this for a little while – perhaps the initial impetus was lost when I put the strip on a short hiatus a while back. Perhaps it’s just that people don’t enjoy…

Comics and Cartoons

I’ve been taking a little break from my comics and cartoons because my head was all over the place and I’ve been feeling tired, but since doing so I’ve created a new blog and started developing an idea for a new cartoon series, Octavius. Clearly, I need to get back to things before I come up with anything else new or I’ll be in a worse state than when I started.