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Short Story: The Effect of a Thousand Butterflies

The Effect of a Thousand Butterflies
By Steve Ince

In my dream I cannot see her face for the cloud of butterflies that surrounds her. What I’m able to glimpse through the occasional, fleeting gap – her hands, her legs, her hair – suggest a delicacy of form. Her skin is white, almost devoid of any colour and contrasts sharply with the tangles of dark hair that fall forward, which in turn adds to the difficulty of catching sight of her features. She raises her hands towards her face and although I cannot be sure I feel she is screaming. I hear nothing of that sound, yet I hear the beating of the wings of a thousand butterflies, amplified loudly, reverberating like organic helicopters on patrol. … Continue readingShort Story: The Effect of a Thousand Butterflies

Short Story: Control

By Steve Ince

My attempt to control the outcome of the game with my mind worked, much to my complete amazement. It’s not every day you discover you have amazing powers of mental control. Of course, I wasn’t going to tell anyone around me what was happening or they might think what I was doing was unfair, but the way I look at it is that I’m just a fan urging the rugby team he supports to do well. … Continue readingShort Story: Control