Developing Thoughts Updated – Part 1

Oh Lucky Man… Still It’s been twelve years since I wrote the first of the original Developing Thoughts pieces, shortly after I turned freelance following eleven years with Revolution Software.  The time feels right to revisit the pieces I wrote at the time and either bring them up to date or reflect on how things have moved on in the…

Writing from my new phone

I got a new phone a couple of days ago and I’m still getting familiar with it.  It’s a Galaxy S3 and so much bigger than my previous phones.  However, I’m impressed wih how good it is and bow much better it feels than my ipad or my ipod touch.  If I need to replace the ipad at some point…

I’m testing Zemanta

I just discovered Zemanta but not sure how it’s meant to be used.  The intention was to write more on this blog by looking for tools that help me do so.  Zemanta seemed interesting but it’s down to working out how to use it.  🙂 If anyone has any thoughts or tips I’d appreciate hearing from you. Related articles Zemanta…

The blog is back

If any of you tried to come here over the last couple of weeks you’ll have noticed the blog was down.  This was due to a problem with the database which even changing server didn’t fix.  The tech guys at my hosting provider eventually tracked it down to some weirdness with the username. So, it’s back and a couple of things have…

New comments plugin

Because I’ve been getting a lot of spam comments on this blog I’ve decided to try the Disqus comments plugin.  All the existing comments appear to have transferred over and I hope there’ll be no problems, but if you discover anything odd please let me know.

WordPress problems

The blog was down yesterday, which turned out to be a problem with the latest update to WP 3.1.  I’ve gone back to an earlier version to fix this so I hope it’s working for everyone.

New Blog

I’ve decided to create another, separate blog that will enable me to post more personal stuff that wouldn’t really be appropriate here.  I’ve called the new blog, It Happened So Fast because being in my fifties seems to have come at me from nowhere.  🙂 For those of you who are interested in reading it, I hope that you’ll also…

Writing – Too Much Advice?

When I attended the Writing Industries Conference earlier this year, one of the strongest pieces of advice was from the keynote speaker, Graham Joyce, who said that writers shouldn’t confine themselves to one area of writing. They should take their writing opportunities where they can.

Writing Industries Conference

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything this week, I’ve been busy with a few things, amongst which has been the preparations for the Writing Industries Conference on Saturday.  I shall endeavour to blog about it next week.  Because it’s a non-games event I’m sure that I’ll feel a little out of my depth, but I’m expecting it to be great…

A Blog Post Every Day?!

I was reading this post, “You should blog every day” over at the Bubble Cow blog, which got me thinking about my own posting schedule – a hit and miss affair even at the best of times. Should I consider posting every day or is that idea a potential hazard?