An interview with me on The Retro Hour

The interview starts about 20 minutes or so in. Beneath a Steel Sky & Broken Sword with Steve Ince – The Retro Hour EP35

Game writing hangout

This Thursday, 15th Nov, I’m taking part in a Google+ Hangout in which I’ll be talking about writing for games.  The Hangout is organised by Heather Taylor of Red on Black Productions and you can hook up in a number of ways. Google+ event page. Facebook page Youtube page If you miss the live event, you can always catch up…

Gamescom Interview

Here is an interview I was asked to do at Gamescom last week.  Miodrag Kovachevic asked some pretty interesting questions, so it was a real pleasure to talk with him.  I don’t often get the chance to talk in depth about game writing at an event like Gamescom so it was a welcome change to do so. Thanks Miodrag and…

Video Interview

A new video interview has been released for the game, Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle.  I gave this interview at Gamescom last year but it’s only just been released today.

A new interview

A new interview with me has just been posted on Gnomes Lair. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Video Interview from Gamescom

Adventure-Treff uploaded a video to their channel on YouTube in which I gave an interview at Gamescom. The grey hairs show up a bit too much in HD.  🙁

On Projects and Progress…

I’ve been so focussed on my various projects that I’ve been neglecting my blog somewhat, so this is an attempt to rectify that to a degree. It’s been just over a month since I announced Star Sweet and Honey Heart and considering the relatively short time-span it seems to be going well with awareness growing steadily. Not only is there…

New Interview at The Literary Project

Gemma Noon, who seems to be out for some kind of interviewing record with the number of people she’s interviewing, asked me to be one of her interviewees a few weeks ago.  The result has just been posted on Gemma’s blog, The Literary Project.  Thanks for making sense of my ramblings, Gemma.

Interview with Alternative Magazine Online

I was asked to do an interview for Alternative Magazine Online and like I usually do with these things I said yes, so imagine my surprise when I got an e-mail through with the most ever questions for an interview.  Thankfully, most of them were pretty good questions and I managed to get through the whole thing in a couple…