Bingo and Business

It seems to me that the games industry is in danger of becoming like the old bingo industry. That may seem like an outrageous claim, so I’ll explain my thinking…

British game development – what conclusions here?

We’re often asked to see the parallels between the games industry and the film industry, but for those of us who work in Britain we may not want the parallels to go too far or the future of the British games industry may be bleak.

Adventure-Treff is Ten!

Congratulations to all the people over at Adventure-Treff.  This week the site celebrates its tenth birthday, which is a real cause to celebrate.  It’s great that they’ve lasted so long and that they’ve done such a good service to the adventure genre.  The site has a specific page of messages and although most of them are in German, I’ve created…

Games are NOT Art

Saying games are art is like saying painting is art or films are art. It’s just not so.

Jane Jensen – an odd approach to completing a game

I was just reading the Jane Jensen interview over at Gameboomers when I spotted the following: “I think it’s possible for everyone to finish with a couple of caveats – first, that you have access to the internet and know how to search for walkthroughs!” I think this is a dreadful way to approach the design of a game.  I’m…

Echo Bazaar – A View

I’m reluctant to call it a review because I don’t feel I’ve played the game enough to see everything, but I’ve played enough that I know I won’t be playing any more. After discussing the game last night with Richard Cobbett, I decided to write this blog post.

Echo Bazaar is a game from Fail Better Games, which is an ironic name for a company considering that the game has failed to keep me entertained enough to continue with it.

My GFG Talk Video

When I spoke at the Games Forum Germany conference in January, the talk I gave was recorded.  I’m not sure when it went online, but you can now view the talk in full.  You have to scroll down the list of videos a little to get to mine. The talk is about aspects of character and while I’m mostly pleased…

Interview with Alternative Magazine Online

I was asked to do an interview for Alternative Magazine Online and like I usually do with these things I said yes, so imagine my surprise when I got an e-mail through with the most ever questions for an interview.  Thankfully, most of them were pretty good questions and I managed to get through the whole thing in a couple…

Gameplay is King

I read this yesterday: Gameplay is King: Story is Distant Second. It’s an interesting read and one which I almost completely agree with. For games, gameplay is the most important aspect and should always be so. If it’s not then it likely stops being a game and becomes something else with gameplay elements. That isn’t to say those other things aren’t valid or equally enjoyable for what they are.

Genre Distinctions in Videogames

Or, more fully, Stephane Bura’s Handy Guide to Genre Distinctions in Videogames.  Through the wonders of Twitter, I came across Jay Lake’s Handy Guide to Genre Distinctions and suggested that we might need something similar for games, which is why Stephane created his version. Cool or what?  🙂

Adventure in a Different World

I was looking over the site, GamePeople, which seems to be a gaming site aimed at a slightly older audience who are not harcore gaming fanboys and also not the “typical” casual game player. In a sense, it caters to gamers who might not other wise be properly served by the bigger sites that seem to have almost created a strong polarisation with little overlap. The GamePeople audience seems to fit into another area of the Venn diagram.

Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso – A New Review

Considering the game first came out three and a half years ago, I thought that the days of new reviews were over. Then earlier this evening I was sent a link to a great review over at Alternative Magazine Online.