An interview with me on The Retro Hour

The interview starts about 20 minutes or so in. Beneath a Steel Sky & Broken Sword with Steve Ince – The Retro Hour EP35

Developing Thoughts Updated – Part 1

Oh Lucky Man… Still It’s been twelve years since I wrote the first of the original Developing Thoughts pieces, shortly after I turned freelance following eleven years with Revolution Software.  The time feels right to revisit the pieces I wrote at the time and either bring them up to date or reflect on how things have moved on in the…

New Article on Gamasutra

Having just played  Her Story followed by reading an article on Eurogamer, I was inspired to write an article called Her Story is not Your Story.

20 Things I Learned…

…from 20 years in the games industry.   February 1st 2013 marks 20 years in the games industry for me.  I joined Revolution Software in 1993 and it’s been a fantastic career so far, thanks initially to everyone at Revolution and, now I’m freelance, to all those clients who have taken on my services. Inspired by a suggestion from Maria…

Gamescom Interview

Here is an interview I was asked to do at Gamescom last week.  Miodrag Kovachevic asked some pretty interesting questions, so it was a real pleasure to talk with him.  I don’t often get the chance to talk in depth about game writing at an event like Gamescom so it was a welcome change to do so. Thanks Miodrag and…

Video Interview

A new video interview has been released for the game, Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle.  I gave this interview at Gamescom last year but it’s only just been released today.

A new interview

A new interview with me has just been posted on Gnomes Lair. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Don’t make an expensive adventure game…

… unless you have Heavy Rain kind of money. I’ve been reading two sets of reviews over the last few days from which it’s hard not to draw this conclusion.  The first group of reviews cover the game, Gray Matter, the long-awaited game from Jane Jenson, developed by Wizarbox, published by DTP/Lace Mamba.  The second covers the game, Gemini Rue,…

Game Narrative Discussion Video

Over at Develop Online is a very interesting video discussing game narrative.   It’s good to see a wide range of people involved, including my friends Rhianna Pratchett and Charles Cecil. However, the thing that bugs me about this isn’t what any of the developers and writers are saying but one of the questions posed at the end of the piece:…

Handheld Gaming – the new portables

The gaming world’s head must be spinning with Nintendo and Sony both showing off new portable gaming platforms in recent weeks. While both are likely to be excellent devices in many ways, both strike me as a little backward in not taking up a better approach for software delivery, particularly in light of the fact that the DS was plagued with such piracy problems that it became a non-viable platform for many studios to develop for.

Casual Games and Adventures

Having worked on a number of casual games over the past few years, I’m struck by how quickly casual games evolve. In particular, it’s interesting to see how the Hidden Object genre appears to be evolving towards the traditional Adventure game.

Alan Bennett on Art

Yesterday evening I visited Leeds where I attended an evening with Alan Bennett, an event for Script Yorkshire members. It was an incredibly enjoyable evening as you’d expect from such a man. Hi book, A Life Like Other People’s, is among my favourites.