A note on creating characters

I’m currently reading The Insider’s Guide to Writing for Television by Julian Friedmann and Christopher Walker.  On the whole it’s a very good book and although it has a few small things I didn’t like, the good parts far outweigh the few minor poor parts. I’m in a section on Character Building and the authors mention that Tony Jordan, who…

New Book Review

There is a new review of my book, Writing for Video Games over at the Gnome’s Lair site. For more details about the book, you can visit the dedicated page on my website.

Writing for Video Games now on Kindle

My book, Writing for Video Games, is now available as a Kindle download. If you’ve not yet had the chance to read it, now would be a great time to rectify that oversight.  🙂

When reading becomes a chore

I’ve just finished reading Roadkill, the latest Cal Leandros novel by Rob Thurman and it was hard work. Such a let-down after the previous four books in the series. Admittedly, none of them have matched the first one because in that there was a well-handled twist that I never saw coming and that’s always a pleasant surprise, but mostly they were exciting, dynamic romps. Which is why this one was such hard work – it failed in so many things with which the others succeeded.

Competition Results

After a little delay caused by my broadband problems, I finally got around to drawing the winners this evening. Nearly everyone got all three questions right, but a couple got one of the questions wrong, so for completeness’ sake, here are the answers:

Writing for Video Games Competition

To celebrate six years as a freelance writer and game designer, I’m giving away signed copies of my book, Writing for Video Games, to the two lucky winners of this new competition. Four Runners-up will receive key codes to the arcade adventure game, Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso.

Now THIS is an eBook

Through the wonders of Twitter you can find links to all manner of things, many of which are mildly amusing or pretty useful.  When I saw this YouTube video for an eBook version of Alice in Wonderland on the iPad I realised that the bar had been raised to a whole new level.  This is likely to be where the…