About the Blog

The Writing and Art blog (slight change of name) is my attempt to post my thoughts about aspects of my career in writing, art and game development.  Sometimes my thoughts go beyond these boundaries, but that’s simply a part of what makes us all the complex human beings we are.  Everything we do is influenced by all aspects of our lives in some way or another.  Hopefully, I’m able to take these influences and make them steer my hand in a positive or at least constructive way.

It’s not my intention to hurt or insult people in what I write, but if it happens that I inadvertently do just that, then I’m sorry and please feel free to bring this to my attention.

I’m always keen to receive feedback from people – those who read the blog or those who play the games on which I’ve worked – so I’d really appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts with me and with the readers of the blog.

Thanks, Steve