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Mr. Smoozles wallpaper

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As requested by Peter Brooks. 🙂

Mr. Smoozles 3

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Disclaimer – The opinions of Mr. Smoozles aren’t necessarily those of the management.

Mr. Smoozles 2

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Oh dear, he has opionions…

Mr. Smoozles

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Partly inspired by the wonderful drawings on Skudfisher, but also by the need to do something new and from scratch, I introduce the legendary Mr. Smoozles. (Well, he’ll be legendary when I work out what he does…)


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Go to the Skudfisher site now! If you’re still reading this, you didn’t do as I told you. What, you want to know what it’s about? Lots and lots and lots of wonderful doodle-characters. Someone let me make a game with these characters… 🙂

Crunch Time is bad

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An excellent article, Why Crunch Mode Doesn’t Work: 6 Lessons has been posted on the IGDA site. I’ve long felt that the inefficiencies of crunch time far outweigh the benefits and this article backs up that view with some excellent facts.

Aww… Don’t you feel sorry for them?

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More EA troubles. I loved the following:

“Hasty’s lawyers contend that Electronic Arts’ software engineers should be eligible for overtime because they “do not perform work that is original or creative,” have no management responsibilities and are seldom allowed to use their own judgment.”

Is it me, or does that just say it all? 🙂

Bone, the game

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Telltale Games have just announced that they are making a game based on the comic book series Bone by Jeff Smith.

As Bone is one of my all time favourite comics, I hope that the guys over at Telltale are up to the huge task of matching the storytelling and characterisation quality that made the original such a hit. Needless to say, this is one game I shall be watching with eager anticipation.

Good luck, guys – I hope the game is a real success.

Radical ideas

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Ron Gilbert suggests that games journalism should take the industry to task much more and in the main I agree with him, though will it ever happen when magazines are regularly sucking up to publishers and developers in the hope of getting an “exclusive”? The word “exclusive” has actually become meaningless, due to its misuse in the media of all kinds. How, for instance, can two magazines both claim to hav an exclusive on the same subject/game/developer/etc?

One part I particularly agreed with was the part about e-mail interviews. When I’m pushed for time and am asked to do an interview, I have been known to copy and paste from other interviews if the questions are the same. There are only limited ways you can answer a question like “How did you get into the industry?” (Actually, how I got into game development has become meaningless today as you couldn’t recreate what happened to me in the current industry climate.)

Dane & Joe

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I’ve just updated Dane & Joe with a strip that finishes off the storyline I started ages ago.

My intention is to revive it again within the next couple of weeks and have already created another new strip and am currently writing more in my spare time. Well, the bit of spare time that isn’t taken up with designing SC1, of course. And playing KOTOR 2. And cooking. And eating…

Damn! When am I going to sleep?