A few events in the UK related to Games Writing

I though people who visit here may be interested in a few events taking place in the UK in the coming weeks.

First, I’m speaking on a games writing panel at this year’s London Screenwriters Festival on 25th October.  If you’re thinking of attending, check out the programme schedule.  Visit the website here.

Second, that same weekend, 25th October, is the premiere of the second episode of Trylife.  This is more of an interactive drama than a game, but the quality is first rate and has a huge connection to the work we all do.  There are only 29 tickets remaining for this event if you’re interested in going, but it’s free and you can get tickets here.
For those interested, the first episode can be seen here.

Third, I’m co-organising a small games writing event in Leeds with the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and the Royal Television Society, which will take place on 18th November.  There will be four speakers and a panel discussion followed by networking after.  Tickets here.

I hope to see some of you at these events.