Cartoon and Comic Schedule

I’ve decided that updating comic strips 7 days a week on top of everything else I’m doing at the moment is a little crazy.  The simplest approach to cutting back is not to post any strips at the weekend, starting next weekend.  This means that my cartoons and comics will be appearing Monday to Friday only.

The full schedule will be similar to the one that exists at the moment but without Saturday or Sunday postings:

  • Monday – Baked Beans
  • Tuesday – Mitchell
  • Wednesday – Mr. Smoozles and The Smoozles Alternative
  • Thursday – Baked Beans
  • Friday – Mitchell

Of course, The Smoozles Alternative assumes that Stefano has his broadband back at some point, soon.

While I’m a little disappointed that I’m cutting out a Baked Beans strip and a Mitchell cartoon each week, I’d rather do this than have the quality suffer due to over-stretching myself.

I’m also going to changing the way I post to my comics blog.  Instead of posting every day at the same time as I post that day’s strip or cartoon, I’m going to post updates once a week and use it as a summary of that week’s comics.