An iPad Try…

I’m trying to write this entry from my iPad. Last time I tried to do this it didn’t work properly and posted it with the wrong date and time. However, that was from the WordPress app and posted to my other blog. This time I’m trying from the web based dashboard to see if it’s any easier.

The hardest thing I’m finding is that the apostrophe is not on the main “page” of the keyboard and as I use a lot of contractions in my writing I miss this, particularly as I keep hitting the return key when I get up a head of steam with the typing.

Overall, the iPad is pretty cool, but I’m not sure it would ever replace my main PC or my net book for serious writing.

Now to test the publishing from here…

Author: Steve

Artist, game designer and award-nominated writer with many years experience. Author of Writing for games and The Quinton Quads and the Mystery of Malprentice Manor.