Cartoon and comic updates

There is no Story to Nowhere episode today – sorry.  I was so busy over the weekend doing tasks around the house and visiting June in hospital that I simply didn’t have time to fit it in.  I managed to do two Mitchell cartoons, the first of which appeared yesterday, but so far I haven’t done any Octavius cartoons and the way it’s going at the moment I don’t know if I’ll have the time.  I have a lot of work on for clients this week and that takes precedence.

I’m hoping that they discharge June from the hospital today, but even if they do I’ll still have to spend a certain amount of time helping her because it will be a while before her knee is fully mobile.

I did manage to do some writing on my comedy script while sitting in the hospital coffee shop between afternoon and evening visiting times.  I still need to tighten up the last few scenes and add a few more jokes in, but it’s looking good, I think.