Story to Nowhere – lack of interest?

I was looking at my site log for yesterday and saw that there was hardly anyone visiting the Story to Nowhere pages.  My impression is that it’s been like this for a little while – perhaps the initial impetus was lost when I put the strip on a short hiatus a while back.

Perhaps it’s just that people don’t enjoy reading it.  Maybe it’s too depressing or the POV isn’t quite working.  It could be that it moves too slowly, I don’t know.  People may want something more dynamic when looking for something of this nature to read.

Whatever the reason, if people aren’t reading it I may as well concentrate my time in other areas.  I shall give it a couple of weeks before making a final decision.

5 thoughts on “Story to Nowhere – lack of interest?

  1. I think, the text is to long for one image. You may shorten the text for one image double the image and maybe use a clearer typeface. the one you use is a little stressing.

  2. D’oh! As in ‘don’t’!

    Being the completionist that I am, I wanted to consume the whole of the ‘story so far’ at once, and never got around to it. 😐 Decided to wait till the college-storm is over.

    So I didn’t actually ‘read’ the strip (not to spoil myself), but kept taking a look now and then, and was intrigued by the style. I really like how the layout evolved, the additional elements on certain strips etc. (so the presentation is a draw in my book, at least from what I’ve seen)

    So don’t even think about it 😉

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