Comics and Cartoons

I’ve been taking a little break from my comics and cartoons because my head was all over the place and I’ve been feeling tired, but since doing so I’ve created a new blog and started developing an idea for a new cartoon series, Octavius.  Clearly, I need to get back to things before I come up with anything else new or I’ll be in a worse state than when I started.

I rather like Octavius, so when I start back with the strips and cartoons (which will be a week tomorrow, all being well) I’m going to adjust my schedule to fit.  My current plan is to go with the following schedule:

Sunday – Mitchell
Monday – Story to Nowhere
Tuesday – Octavius
Wednesday – Mr. Smoozles
Thursday – Octavius
Friday – Mitchell

This means that there will only be one episode of Story to Nowhere each week and one less Mitchell cartoon, but overall there is more variety.  Saturday will be kept free.

I hope this will be okay for people.

At the moment I’m writing episode ideas and I’m well ahead on Octavius but need a bit more on Mitchell before I start again.