See me on Adventure-Treff

The guys at Adventure-Treff posted a compilation video message for the festive season and I contributed to it with a few words. You can view the video here. Much of the compilation I didn’t understand because those parts were in German, but mine and a couple of other parts are in English. I laughed most when I saw the list of credits and thanks come up at the end.

2 thoughts on “See me on Adventure-Treff

  1. Thanks for pointing this out, nice to see and hear You and the other people behind our favourite genre. Gave me a good laugh as well, adventure-game people have to be the jolliest bunch out there.
    Those Adventure-Treffers sure know how to dance.

    I really regret not paying attention at those 'Deutsch' classes in high-school. Well, I guess it's never too late… this reminded me how many great games are still waiting for me (can You believe I haven't even touched So Blode yet?… I mean, 'played'…)
    Just can't seem to find the time… not to mention I have to think of something witty for Charlie to say… I mean, think. Oh, You know what I mean.

    Happy to hear this'll be a year heavy on Steve-Ince-releases, wish You success with all of them and all the best.

    PS. You know You HAVE to use that photo for Your profile image now, right?

  2. Thanks for your very kind comments. I may use the image as a profile shot. 🙂

    I've not had any responses to the Charlie Custard thing, so I may just stop doing it. Unless I just treat it as an occasional update.

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