Charlie the Intelligent Custard

I’ve just posted another in the series, The Life and Times of Charlie the Intelligent Custard.

I’m not sure it’s quite working as well as it could do, so I want everyone to help. If you have a great idea for something Charlie could be thinking (keep it short and pithy) then drop me a line and I’ll put it up and give you the credit you deserve. You will keep the copyright for the text and I’ll e-mail you a high-res version in case you want to print it out. Send as many or as few as you like. If I get plenty of suggestions sent to me I’ll do an update every day. If I get tons of great suggestions then I may update even more regularly.

You can send my your suggestions here: steve at (obviously tweaking the address so it makes sense).

If you’re an artist and want to draw your own version of Charlie, then please do so and I’ll post that on the Charlie pages, too. You will keep the copyright for your image (though the overall copyright on the character remains mine) and use it on your own site or how you see fit. You must remember, though, that the point of Charlie is that he is just custard and having him singing and dancing won’t quite fit with that. Unless, of course, your idea is so brilliant it makes perfect sense.

If you have any other cool ideas of how to have fun with Charlie (remembering that he’s custard) then let me know. Let’s make this a great joint venture.

If you want to keep up with what’s happening with this and my other comics and cartoons, you can always follow me on Twitter.

I look forward to receiving all your great Charlie ideas.

Edit: Of course, anything that’s abusive or of a very questionable nature will not be considered, but I’m sure that common sense will prevail.