Returning to the world…

It’s now been a month since my mother passed away and I’d like to thank all those who have sent me their kind thoughts and sympathy. Knowing that there were people thinking of me during a very trying time has been extremely helpful and comforting. I feel like I’m returning to the world once more and the last week has seen me doing some work again. Prior to that I was worried that I was going to be permanently blocked, such was the way I felt when looking at documents in Word.

One of the things that helped a lot was working on some music. I’ve dabbled with compositional software on and off for years, but I recently bought a brilliant piece of software called Reason and this has transformed what I’ve been able to produce. One piece I developed in the last couple of weeks was a tribute to my mother called, “Relentless Force (for Mam)”. In order for people to listen to the piece (should they wish to do so), I’ve created a music profile on MySpace called Gamma One-Six and I’ve put the piece on there along with a few other tunes. I hope you’ll take the time to have a listen and let me know your thoughts.

Author: Steve

Artist, game designer and award-nominated writer with many years experience. Author of Writing for games and The Quinton Quads and the Mystery of Malprentice Manor.