Writers’ Forum

I just received two copies of the March edition of Writers’ Forum in the post. I wrote a full-page article for them, which was designed to help promote my book, Writing for Video Games. When I set out to write the article I actually found it a little hard to approach – how do you put over the subject matter of a whole book in 800 words? The article had to act as both taster and overview, which was a pretty tall order, but I think I managed to pull it off.

Also in the magazine was an advertisement for the book with a special offer on it which gives the readers the opportunity to buy it at the reduced price of ten pounds – nearly a three pound saving! Unfortunately, they printed the advert slightly wrongly and left off the publisher’s website, so to make amends they’re printing the advert again in the next issue. Swings and roundabouts…

It’s been pouring down with rain here and the post person clearly hadn’t been keeping the letters covered. The envelope the magazines game it was soaking and the edges of the magazines are wet. If they don’t dry out properly I may have to buy another copy to keep for my records. 🙁